Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Here's Where We're Going

Here is a picture of the plans of what it will look like after the remodel.

We will have a reading nook in place of what used to be the bathroom and wall off the guest bathroom. The windows in the bedroom on that side of the house that will no longer work in the new configuration will be moved to add light to the reading area. We will raise the roof slightly and add a beam look over the bed. We will also make a double door to the living room and move it down slightly from where it is currently. The carpet will be removed to expose the original hardwood which will be refinished.

A utility room will be added to get the washer and dryer out of the garage and act as a sort of mudroom since it will incorporate the existing door to the backyard. It will also hide Hobbes' litter box.

The bathroom will be moved to the back of the room and enlarged so we can both fit. Jami is doing a great job finding materials that will stay true to the era of the house (more on that later). As a preview it will have a freestanding tub, a dresser converted into a vanity, pivot mirrors and vintage cross handled fixtures.

And finally, one of the things we looked at in every house in our hunt was an area we could convert into what our builder has accidentally dubbed a "shameful closet." It will include a window seat to sit on while you put on your shoes, an island for Jami to pack her suitcase on and a section for my tennis stuff.

As you can see we have some grand plans so it should be quite the adventure.

So Here's What We've Got

Here is a picture of the current floor plan and what we are planning to demo.

Currently we have a small master bath that connects to the guest bath, which I always thought was very strange, but it has worked out well while we are living in it. I have taken the guest bath and Jami has the "master bath." A long skinny closet runs along the back wall of the master bath, which holds most of Jami's clothes. At the end of that closet is another closet/storage space that you access from the guest bedroom. This will stay intact. Adjacent to the master bath is a large master bedroom, followed by what was previously used as a study. Part way into the bedroom you can see a dotted line denoting the beginning of a previous addition. Everything in the original house is pier and beam, while the addition is on a slab foundation. Most of my clothes are in the closets in the study. The rest of the space is being used for storage of things not needed now. There is an exterior door in the study leading into the backyard.

As you can see, the plan is to essentially demolish everything down to the studs and create on long box, while keeping the storage space coming in from the guest room.

So hopefully that gives you an essence of what we have to start with.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This blog will chronicle the remodel of our 1946 home. We look forward to sharing our journey.