Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Framing Up

So the framing has already gone up. The majority was done by the end of day 2 with day 3 mostly being checking to make sure everything was plumb and finishing off some details. When I walked in initially by myself I had a minor freak out that the rooms were too small but after spending some time in them and Jami talking me down, I think everything is ok. The builder also said that everything looks smaller when the only the framing is done and that everyone says it looks much smaller than it turns out being.

Here is the view from the bedroom looking back through to the closet. On the left is the shower with the water closet next to it. Behind that is the bathroom and to the right is the walkway followed by the utility room. Finally the closet is in the far back of the house. You can also glimpse the original hardwood floors that will be patched and refinished.

Here is the view from the bathroom into the closet. The closet seems to be a really good size assuming the island doesn't take up too much space.

Here is a view from the bedroom looking back towards the reading nook. You can see the remnants of where one of the windows was relocated and what the new window layout looks like.

Here is a view from the closet back into the bathroom and shower.

The other big news from day 2 was the arrival of the bathtub. After 3 days, a sick driver and a truck breaking down it finally arrived. I am looking forward to unpacking it and checking out the pedestal and tub. I think it will bring a great look to the bathroom along with the dresser we are turning into the vanity.

The other big news from day 3 was Jami finalizing all the plumbing choices including the cross handled wall mounted faucets, the rain head shower and vertical sided undermount sinks. Hopefully we will get the valves in so we won't hold up the plumbing rough in.

Day 4 brings the arrival of the electrician and HVAC workers. While the changes won't be as easily noticeable, we look forward to more progress.

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