Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical....Oh My

This week is a week "behind the walls" as the plumbing is being laid, the new HVAC system installed and electrical run. As you can see they have laid the plumbing drains under the pier and beam and then jackhammered through the slab. Then they brought in most of the hot and cold water lines.

Tomorrow we will travel out to the house for placement of the "rough in" for the plumbing. I'm a little nervous about selecting the location for the wall mounted faucets since if you put them too low it won't allow you to get your hands comfortably underneath but if you put them too high the water apparently splashes out of the bowl. So we will be crossing our fingers when we choose tomorrow (as well as relying on our plumber and stone guys to guide us in the right direction). We will also get to see the vanity and tub in place when we do the rough in so we get a sense of what everything will eventually look like.

The next big thing that has been moving along is the HVAC system. We decided to make our current system less "unique" by removing the daisy chain system we had in place and going to a more conventional dual zone system. So we have had a brand new unit installed, replacing one of the old units (they estimate it was close to 20 years old), in addition to all the new vents and duct system. We are hoping this, along with the new insulation, will make a large difference in our energy efficiency.

The electricians have also been busy. They have run all the recessed lighting as well as the electrical for the chandeliers. I don't know if you realize this or not but I have learned from Jami that it is very important to have one of those in each room :). All of the wall outlets have also been run. Another really nice thing about totally redoing a room is that you can customize certain features. Jami has always wanted reading lights over her side of the bed. So in the ceiling over the head of each side is an adjustable reading light (first picture below) with a dedicated switch at that side of the bed. Although I read almost exclusively on my iPad now, I still apparently needed a light.

Finally, the electricians and HVAC people removed all the stuff next to our existing bedroom door. Then they began to make way for new double door entrance to our room.

As you can see things are moving along. I should have more pictures from the rough in tomorrow to share as well.